Have you found your way to the Tampa Bay area? Perhaps you’re planning your vacation right now, and you and your family are going to be taking off real soon. Enjoy your family vacation, and it’s going to help you to get to know Tampa FL a little better so that you know what attractions to visit. Here are some wonderful places of interest to stop by as you travel Tampa, Florida.

Courtney Campbell Trail features a nice safety harbor and what’s called Cypress Point, among other things. Take in great views of the bay as you take a stroll, and you can go fishing there, too. People mention in the reviews that it is also a great spot for biking. If you feel like really getting a good walk in, you can even cross the bridge over into Pinellas. You’re going to be away from traffic, too, and so you are free to roam and enjoy the beauty of nature and the stunning bay views.

Bayshore Boulevard is also a great place to walk, but just like Courtney Campbell Causeway, Bayshore Boulevard is more than just about taking a stroll. This boulevard features a relaxing atmosphere, and you’re going to be taking in great views of the city of Tampa. Ballast Point Park is right nearby, and there is a pier there as well. This is a very scenic area of Tampa, and you’re really going to enjoy yourself in this area of the city.

Since you’re going to be in Hillsborough County, you might also want to take your family on over to the Hillsborough River. The Hillsborough River is going to be a place where you can enjoy many great activities. Have fun canoeing, stop by the county park and even make your way to Crystal Springs. The River stretches for quite a ways of course, but to give you directions, make your way to 1101 East River Cove Street. Did you know that you can float the river?

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park is another wonderful place to stop by with your family. This park is actually located within the downtown area of Tampa FL. It is also right nearby the Hillsborough River, so maybe you can pair those two attrations together.

This trip to Tampa FL is going to be so much fun, don’t you think? You might even want to look at some more attractions before you start making your plans. You are going to find so much to do in the city, and Tampa FL is so much fun to explore. Find out why they call it The Big Guava.